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24 Oct 2014Release of ADMS-Urban Regional Model Link

We are pleased to announce the release of a new product ADMS-Urban Regional Model Link (ADMS-Urban RML).

This is an innovative automated system for nesting the high resolution air quality model ADMS-Urban in a regional air quality model such as CMAQ, CAMX or EMEP4UK, using meteorological data from the meso-scale WRF model. The output from the ADMS-Urban RML system comprises predictions of pollutant concentrations for an urban area, which take into account both regional and local pollutant transport and chemistry effects.

For more information, please visit the ADMS-Urban RML web page.

9 Oct 2014Registration open for user group meetings on Nov 19th (ADMS 5) and Nov 20th (ADMS-Urban & Roads)

We are now accepting registrations for the ADMS 5 and ADMS-Urban and Roads User Group Meetings. For more information, please refer to the User Group Meeting page for more details.

9 Oct 2014EMIT update (EMIT 3.2.2)

An update is now available for EMIT: EMIT 3.2.2. This update includes two changes:

  • A correction to particulate emission calculations from road traffic non-exhaust emission factor datasets.
  • A new method of exporting EMIT data for importing into ADMS-Urban, ADMS-Roads and ADMS-Airport.

This update is available for EMIT users with current support contracts. Please visit the CERC User Area for a download link.

15 Sep 2014ADMS-Urban & Roads 3.2 SP1 update with EFT 6.0.1

Two new versions of Defra's Emission Factor Toolkit were released this summer. Version 6.0 was released in June 2014, followed by version 6.0.1 (containing some corrections) at the beginning of July 2014. The EFT can be downloaded from the following webpage:


Details of the updates included in these latest releases are summarised on page 4 of the EFT User Guide, which is also downloadable from the location given above.

ADMS-Urban and ADMS-Roads incorporate the EFT emission factors so that emission rates can be calculated from available traffic and speed data. CERC have compiled a model update that includes the EFT version 6.0.1 emissions factors, which is available to ADMS-Urban and ADMS-Roads users with current support contracts. Please visit the CERC User Area for a download link.

24 Jul 2014Running latest version of AERMOD from ADMS 5

ADMS 5 includes a facility to run the main model options of AERMOD from the ADMS 5 interface. Since the release of ADMS 5 SP1 (April 2013) the US-EPA have released two new versions of AERMOD and AERMET:

  • version 13350 (December 2013) - this version can be run from ADMS 5, see helpdesk note 101 for further details on how to update to this version of AERMOD and AERMET,
  • version 14134 (May 2014) - CERC have discovered an issue with this version of AERMOD if receptor points are very close to a source. We are currently in discussions with the US-EPA on the best method of resolving this issue, as such it is not currently possible to use this version with ADMS 5.

If you need help in updating to version 13350 or have any further questions on the issue then please contact the helpdesk.

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