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6 Oct 2012Updated Emission Factor Toolkit (version 5.1.3) released

Version 5.1.3 of the Emission Factor Toolkit (EFT) was released on 30th August 2012. This version includes some corrections to the factors given in the previous release, version 5.1.2.

This amendment to the EFT has delayed the planned update of ADMS-Urban, ADMS-Roads and ADMS-Airport, as it is necessary to include the corrected EFT version 5.1.3 factors in the models. CERC plan to include the vehicle emission factors from the latest version of the EFT in updates to ADMS-Urban, ADMS-Roads and ADMS-Airport before the end of November 2012.

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5 Oct 2012Beijing Environmental Monitoring Centre Training

CERC and CERC China have won a joint project in providing Beijing Environmental Monitoring Centre with an Air Quality Forecasting System. This flagship project kicked off with an on-site training course carried out during 24-28 September in Beijing. The technical staff of Beijing EMC attended an one week intensive training to learn how to use ADMS-Urban and EMIT and to apply the models in the Air Quality Forecasting System. Over the next few months, customisation development of the forecasting system will take place to suit Beijing’s particular needs.

23 Jul 2012Mayor backs new airTEXT service

Londoners and visitors to the capital will be able to receive better information about forecast pollution levels thanks to a brand new app developed by CERC. CERC have also provided improved Twitter services and an enhanced airTEXT website.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: 'I have introduced a range of effective measures to cut pollution, including the first ever age limit for taxis, tougher standards for the London Low Emission Zone and more cleaner buses. It is also important that we improve information to help those whose health can be affected when pollution levels are higher. We've been delighted to help airTEXT develop their brand new and enhanced information service for Londoners and visitors.'

Read more on the airTEXT website.

23 Jul 2012Emission Factor Toolkit version 5.1.2 released

A new version of the Emission Factor Toolkit has been released. CERC plan to include the vehicle emission factors from this tool in updates to ADMS-Urban, ADMS-Roads and ADMS-Airport by September 2012.


9 Jul 2012airTEXT smart phone app launch

An air quality forecasting and alert service launch for airTEXT was held at the City Hall in London on 9th July 2012. Smart phone users can now download a free app which provides daily forecasts of air pollution, UV, grass pollen and temperature across London area.

The airTEXT website has also been redesigned to provide information on air quality at the Olympic Game sites.

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