CERC news http://www.cerc.co.uk CERC news en-us 2017 Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants Ltd.Wed, 15 Nov 2017 00:00:00 GMT 2017 ADMS User Group Meetings &ndash; presentations are available to download http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=257#news257 <p>Following this year&#39;s ADMS User Group Meetings, which took place in Birmingham on 1-2 November, electronic copies of the presentations are now available to <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/user-area/usergrouppresentations.html" title="Go to User Area">download</a> from the CERC website User Area. Model users with a valid support contract, including all annual licence holders, are entitled to register for password-protected access to the User Area. To register, or to be reminded of your password, <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/software-support/user-area.php" title="Go to User Area page">click here</a>.</p><br /><br /><img src="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/CERC20171115_user_group_meeting.jpeg" width="325" height="245"/> http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=257#news257 Wed, 15 Nov 2017 00:00:00 GMT CERC presenting high-resolution forecasting for Hong Kong at CMAS 2017 http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=255#news255 <p>Dr Christina Hood from CERC will present the latest developments to the ADMS-Urban Regional Model Link <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/RML" target="_blank" title="Go to RML page">(RML)</a> system and its use in a high-resolution air quality forecasting system for Hong Kong at the <a href="https://www.cmascenter.org/conference/2017/agenda.cfm" target="_blank" title="Go to CMAS">CMAS conference</a>, 23<sup>rd</sup>-25<sup>th</sup> October 2017 (extended abstract available <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/Hood_CMAS17_hires_forecasting.pdf" target="_blank" title="Download abstract">here</a>). The integrated regional and local forecasting system has been developed in collaboration with researchers from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology <a href="http://www.ust.hk/" target="_blank" title="Go to HKUST site">(HKUST)</a> as part of the <a href="http://praise.ust.hk/" target="_blank" title="Go to PRAISE-UK site">PRAISE-HK</a> project. <a href="http://www.envr.ust.hk/our-division/people/faculty-staff/majfung.html" target="_blank" title="Go to page">Professor Jimmy Fung</a> from HKUST will talk more about this project in his Plenary presentation on 23<sup>rd</sup> October. The picture shows contours of high-resolution forecast PM<sub>2.5</sub> concentrations for the example domain for 3pm local time on 16<sup>th</sup> September 2017, using the new ADMS-Urban RML option to interpolate regional model concentrations.</p><br /><br /><img src="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/CERC20171020_HK_CMAS.png" width="344" height="274"/> http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=255#news255 Fri, 20 Oct 2017 00:00:00 GMT Pollution investigation at Wellington Civic Centre http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=254#news254 <p>The <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/" title="Go to CERC homepage">CERC</a>&nbsp;<a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/consultancy" title="Go to Consultancy page">consultancy</a> team investigated potential sources of high levels of pollution at Wellington Civic Centre offices. In work commissioned by Telford & Wrekin Council, <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/ADMS5" title="Go to ADMS 5 page">ADMS 5</a> was used to carry out dispersion modelling of emissions from flues serving the leisure centre adjacent to the offices. CERC determined which sources were responsible for the high pollution levels and supported the design of mitigation measures to tackle the problem.</p> <p>The modelling required the representation of a complex building arrangement and the calculation of pollution concentrations at both ground-level and elevated locations representing office windows. Modelling of potential mitigation options suggested that a package including changes to flue locations, increased flue heights and renewal of water heater boilers would sufficiently reduce pollution impacts.</p><br /><br /><img src="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/CERC20171019_Telford.png" width="350" height="245"/> http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=254#news254 Thu, 19 Oct 2017 00:00:00 GMT CERC interviewed live at ESA satellite launch http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=253#news253 <p>The <a href="http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Observing_the_Earth/Copernicus/Sentinel-5P" title="Access ESA website" target="_blank">Sentinel 5P satellite</a>, the first Copernicus mission dedicated to monitoring our atmosphere, will be launched on 13 October at 09:27 GMT. Mark Jackson of <a href="http://cerc.co.uk/" title="Go to CERC homepage">CERC</a> will be giving a short interview during <a href="http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Observing_the_Earth/Copernicus/Sentinel-5P/Watch_live_Sentinel-5P_launch" title="Access ESA website" target="_blank">ESA&#39;s live webstream coverage</a> of the launch.</p> <p>You can now watch a <a href="http://m.esa.int/spaceinvideos/Videos/2017/10/Sentinel-5P_launch_event_webcast" target="_blank" title="Access ESA website">video</a> of the interview. Fast forward to 38:10 to see Mark describe the <a href="http://www.airtext.info/" title="Go to airTEXT website" target="_blank"><em>air</em>TEXT</a> air quality forecasts for London. Copernicus forecasts of pollution across Europe are fed into the world-leading <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/ADMS-urban" title="Go to ADMS-Urban page">ADMS-Urban</a> air quality model to produce the airTEXT street-scale pollution forecasts.</p> <br /><br /><img src="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/CERC20171012_ESA_satellite.png" width="350" height="275"/> http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=253#news253 Thu, 12 Oct 2017 00:00:00 GMT Air quality impact of a district heat network in Bradford http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=252#news252 <p>The <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk" title="Go to CERC homepage">CERC</a>&nbsp;<a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/consultancy" title="Go to Consultancy page">Consultancy</a> team investigated the air quality impact of a proposed district heat network in Bradford city centre.</p> <p>The network will provide heat generated by a new Energy Centre (gas-fired Combined Heat and Power engines and boilers) and two existing biomass boilers, to a number of existing and proposed buildings. As each building is connected to the network, any boiler plant within that building will be shut down.</p> <p>In work commissioned by Sustainable Energy Ltd, <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/ADMS5" title="Go to ADMS 5 page">ADMS 5</a> was used to carry out dispersion modelling of emissions from flues for three scenarios: current; counterfactual (without the proposed heat network) and future (with the proposed heat network).</p> <p>A complex arrangement of multiple sources and buildings was modelled to calculate pollution concentrations at ground-level and elevated locations, representing residential building facades. The impact was also assessed at Bradford Metropolitan District Council&#39;s four city centre AQMAs.</p> <p>For each modelled scenario, hourly varying emission parameters and pollutant emissions were calculated for each source, based on fuel use and/or energy demand. The damage cost was also calculated.</p> <p>Follow these links to view the <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/CERC20171010_Bradford1.jpg" title="View image">modelled area</a> and <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/CERC20171010_Bradford2.jpg" title="View image">contour</a> images in higher resolution.</p> <br /><br /><img src="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/CERC20171010_Bradford1_small.jpg" width="250" height="295"/><br /><br /><img src="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/CERC20171010_Bradford2_small.jpg" width="250" height="295"/> http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=252#news252 Tue, 10 Oct 2017 00:00:00 GMT ADMS User Group Meetings 1-2 Nov: Draft agendas now available http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=251#news251 <p>The draft agendas for this year&#39;s <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/software-support/user-group-meetings.php" title="Go to User Group Meetings page">ADMS User Group Meetings</a> are now available. The meetings are being held at the studio Birmingham on the 1st and 2nd November. Places are limited, so please <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/software-support/user-group-meetings/registration.php" title="Go to registration page">register</a> before 23rd October. Software users with valid support are entitled to one free place at the relevant User Group Meeting for a single user licence, two free places for a 2-5 user licence and two free places for research and teaching licences. For all other attendees the fee is &#163;175 per person per event (excluding VAT). http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=251#news251 Tue, 03 Oct 2017 00:00:00 GMT Disaster Resilient Cities: CERC Workshop in Kuala Lumpur http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=250#news250 <p>In July 2017 <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/" target="_blank" title="CERC website">CERC</a> ran a 5-day workshop at the <a href="http://www.ukm.my/" target="_blank" title="UKM website">Universiti Kebangsaan</a> Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur which included training on air pollution modelling using <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/Urban" target="_blank" title="ADMS-Urban page">ADMS-Urban</a> and <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/EMIT" target="_blank" title="EMIT page">EMIT</a>. The workshop was part of a multi-million pound project we first <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=233&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter#news233" target="_blank" title="news item">reported</a> on in February this year that aims to develop a prototype multi-hazard platform for disaster management in Kuala Lumpur. The project looks at forecasting physical hazards from flash floods to landslides, urban heat extremes to local air pollution and is funded by the UK and Malaysian governments through the <a href="https://www.britishcouncil.my/programmes/newton-ungku-omar-fund" target="_blank" title="British Council">Newton-Ungku Omar Fund</a>.</p> <p>The workshop was attended by 14 delegates from different organisations involved with air quality in Kuala Lumpur, including the Malaysian Meteorological Department and Department of Environment, and the universities of Kebangsaan and Sains.</p> <p>Further details can be found in our <i>Forecasting Air Quality and Extreme Temperature in Cities </i> <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/environmental-software/presentations.html" target="_blank" title="Presentations page">presentation</a>.</p><br /><br /><img src="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/CERC20170913_MalaysiaGroup.jpg" width="350" height="214"/><br /><br /><img src="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/CERC20170913_MalaysiaTraining.jpg" width="350" height="214"/> http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=250#news250 Tue, 19 Sep 2017 00:00:00 GMT CERC sponsor Routes to Clean Air 2017 http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=249#news249 <p><a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/" target="_blank" title="CERC website">CERC</a> are proud to sponsor the <a href="http://iaqm.co.uk/" target="_blank" title="Institute of Air Quality Management website">Institute of Air Quality Management</a>&#39;s upcoming <a href="http://iaqm.co.uk/event/routes-to-clean-air-2017/" target="_blank" title="Routes to Clean Air 2017 conference webpage">Routes to Clean Air 2017</a> conference to be held at the <a href="https://www.thebcec.co.uk/" target="_blank" title="Birmingham Conference and Events Centre website">Birmingham Conference and Events Centre</a> on 24 &#45; 25 October 2017.</p> <p>The Routes to Clean Air conferences provide an opportunity for air quality, public health and transport professionals to share their experiences of improving air quality, particularly in urban areas. This year features an excellent selection of top experts in air quality and related fields presenting on a range of relevant topics including electric vehicles, NO<sub>x</sub> and NO<sub>2</sub> emissions trends, Euro 6 emissions, pollutant health effects and air pollution mitigation scenario case studies.</p> <p>Speaker details and information on how to register can be found on the IAQM website <a href="http://iaqm.co.uk/event/routes-to-clean-air-2017/" target="_blank" title="Routes to Clean Air 2017 conference webpage">here</a>.</p> <p>CERC will be exhibiting at the conference, so come and find us to talk about the range of software and consultancy services we provide, or just say hello.</p> <br /><br /><img src="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/CERC20170908_RoutesToCleanAir2017.png" width="350" height="350"/> http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=249#news249 Fri, 08 Sep 2017 00:00:00 GMT Run Manager 1.8 released http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=248#news248 <p><a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/" title="Go to CERC homepage">CERC</a>&#39;s model run management software has just been updated and licence holders will be able to download the new version from the <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/UserArea" title="Go to User Area page">User Area</a>.</p> <p><a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/RunManager" title="Go to Run Manager model page">Run Manager</a> enables users to manage their model runs and make the most of their CERC software licence(s). You can run it on your local network allowing multiple modellers to submit, monitor progress and completion time estimates, & retrieve output from finished runs. Run Manager will queue runs and, in typical set ups, distribute them over a number of dedicated licensed runs machines, freeing up you own PC for other work.</p> <p>Version 1.8 includes the following updates:</p> <ul><li>Manages runs from <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/ADMS" title="Go to ADMS model page">ADMS 5</a>, <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/Urban" title="Go to ADMS-Urban model page">ADMS-Urban</a>, <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/Roads" title="Go to ADMS-Roads model page">ADMS-Roads</a>, <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/airport " title="Go to ADMS-Airport model page">ADMS-Airport</a>, <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/FLOWSTAREnergy" title="Go to FLOWSTAR-Energy model page">FLOWSTAR-Energy</a>, <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/ADMSPUFF" title="Go to ADMS-Puff model page">ADMS-Puff</a> and <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/GASTAR" title="Go to GASTAR model page">GASTAR</a></li> <li>Improved distribution of runs across available runs machines</li> <li>Extended model definition options, including the maximum runs on a per-model basis</li> <li>Supports zipped output files greater than 4GB</li></ul> <p>For more information about all the new features please see the <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/environmental-software/assets/data/doc_userguides/CERC_Run_Manager1.8_What_is_New.pdf" title="Download linked document">What&#39;s New in Run Manager 1.8?</a> guide.</p> <p>For further information please <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/contact" title="Go to Contact us page">contact us</a>.</p> http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=248#news248 Mon, 31 Jul 2017 00:00:00 GMT Registration is now open for the ADMS User Group Meetings, 1-2 November 2017, Birmingham http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=247#news247 <p>You can <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/software-support/user-group-meetings.php" title="Go to UGM page">register now</a> for the 2017 User Group Meetings, which will be held in Birmingham on 1<sup>st</sup> and 2<sup>nd</sup> November.</p> <ul><li>ADMS 5 User Group Meeting: 1<sup>st</sup> November</li> <li>ADMS-Urban and ADMS-Roads User Group Meeting: 2<sup>nd</sup> November</li></ul> <p>These meetings will include the usual mix of presentations by CERC staff and software users and are the ideal opportunity to hear the latest news and advice on new model features. Users with a valid support contract are entitled to one or more delegate places free of charge depending on the type of licence held. Please <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/contact-us.html" title="Go to Contact us page">contact CERC</a> if there is a topic you would like to be covered at one of the meetings or if you would like to give a &#39;user view&#39; presentation. More details will be published later in the year. Registration will remain open until 23<sup>rd</sup> October 2017.</p> http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=247#news247 Thu, 06 Jul 2017 00:00:00 GMT China-UK Urban Air Quality Management Workshop in Beijing http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=246#news246 <p>Air quality is one of the most critical environmental issues in China. <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk" title="Go to CERC homepage">CERC</a>, in partnership with the <a href="http://env.bnu.edu.cn/" target="_blank" title="Access Beijing Normal University website">School of Environment</a>, Beijing Normal University, held a China-UK Urban Air Quality Management Workshop in Beijing on 13 June 2017. There were 20 speakers at the event, with over 90 participants. The topics covered air quality forecasting, urban air quality management, urban traffic pollution, air quality and climate change, air quality modelling at regional and local scales, source apportionment shipping emissions etc. Speakers also shared the Swiss air quality management experience, as well as Asia experience. CERC Director Dr David Carruthers <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/Air_Quality_Forecasting_Nesting.pdf" target="_blank" title="Download linked document">presented</a> CERC&#39;s regional and local scales nested modelling approaches. Local fine scale models such as <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/Urban" title="Go to ADMS-Urban page">ADMS-Urban</a> are particularly important when pollution mitigation scenarios are tested.</p><br /><br /><img src="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/CERC20170622_DC_Beijing_talk.jpg" width="350" height="210"/><br /><br /><img src="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/CERC20170622_Beijing_workshop.jpg" width="350" height="210"/> http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=246#news246 Mon, 26 Jun 2017 00:00:00 GMT Clean Air Zones http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=245#news245 <p>On 5 May the UK government <a href="https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/air-quality-clean-air-zone-framework-for-england" target="_blank">published the principles</a> for setting up new Clean Air Zones in England, which can include charges for older vehicles which do not meet emission standards such as Euro 6. Local authorities who propose Clean Air Zones must consider the sources of vehicle pollution in their area to ensure the zone design is appropriate to meet the air quality challenge.</p> <p>CERC&#39;s <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/ADMS-Urban" target="_blank">ADMS-Urban</a> and <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/EMIT" target="_blank">EMIT</a> software are invaluable aids in these assessments, allowing: <ul> <li>Source apportionment of emissions and concentrations, for instance to determine the relative contributions from diesel cars below Euro 6 standard. Map 1 shows the proportion of total NOx concentration due to particular vehicle types at specific locations.</li> <li>Assessment of the impact of measures, including changes in emissions and concentrations due to changes in road traffic flows and fleet composition. Map 2 shows the changes in emissions predicted from the implementation of a mitigation measure.</li> </ul></p> <p>The two maps are taken from recent studies by CERC&#39;s <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/consultancy" target="_blank">consultancy team</a>, who have extensive experience in assisting local authorities to assess air quality measures on challenging timescales. The ADMS-Urban and EMIT software tools are <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/environmental-software.html" target="_blank">available</a> for use in assessments by local authorities or consultants. For more information please <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/contact" target="_blank">contact CERC</a>, and one of our technical consultants will be delighted to discuss your requirements.</p><br /><br /><img src="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/CERC20170510_sourceapportionment.png" width="350" height="247"/><br /><br /><img src="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/CERC20170510_impact.png" width="350" height="225"/> http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=245#news245 Mon, 15 May 2017 00:00:00 GMT Spring 2017 editions of ADMS Model Newsletters now available http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=244#news244 <p>Catch up on ADMS model news in the Spring 2017 editions of <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/environmental-software/assets/data/doc_newsletters/CERC_ADMS5_News_2017_Spring.pdf" title="Download linked document">ADMS 5 & ADMS-Screen News</a> and <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/environmental-software/assets/data/doc_newsletters/CERC_Urban_Roads_News_2017_Spring.pdf" title="Download linked document">ADMS-Urban & ADMS-Roads News</a> which are now available. The newsletters are published approximately twice a year and include the latest news about the ADMS models, the annual User Group Meetings, CERC activities, training courses and recently published papers as well as a page of useful modelling tips. Previous editions of the newsletters are available <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/environmental-software/newsletters.html" title="Go to Newsletters page">here</a>.</p> http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=244#news244 Thu, 27 Apr 2017 00:00:00 GMT Optimising local air quality models using sensor data &#45; DMUG 2017 http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=243#news243 <p>Amy Stidworthy from CERC recently presented preliminary results from an ongoing project to optimise ADMS-Urban modelling using data from a network of low cost pollution sensors at IAQM&#39;s annual conference for dispersion modellers, <a href="http://iaqm.co.uk/event/dmug-2017/" title="Access IAQM website">DMUG 2017</a>. This work is part of a wider <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=234#news234" title="Go to CERC news">collaboration</a> between CERC, Cambridge University, Cambridge City Council, Cambridgeshire County Council and AQMesh to investigate how modelled and monitored data can be used together to improve urban air quality assessment.</p> <p>Amy&#39;s presentation describes an optimisation scheme, developed at CERC, that minimises the part of dispersion model error which is due to emissions data error by adjusting emission rates on an hourly basis to optimise model performance in comparison with sensor data; the scheme accounts for estimated uncertainty in the sensor and emissions data and complex co-variance between individual source emissions error and between individual sensor error. To view the presentation <a href="https://www.slideshare.net/ies-uk/amy-stidworthy-optimising-local-air-quality-models-with-sensor-data?qid=bf79a79b-24b8-47b0-9d51-41f8fdb69019&v=&b=&from_search=3" title="Access document">click here</a>. To view all the presentations from DMUG 2017 <a href="https://www.slideshare.net/search/slideshow?searchfrom=header&q=%22dmug17%22" title="Access document">click here</a>.</p> http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=243#news243 Thu, 20 Apr 2017 00:00:00 GMT Defra briefing praises airTEXT air quality communication service http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=242#news242 <p>Defra&#39;s recent Air Quality Briefing for Directors of Public Health says &ldquo;clear public health messages enable the public to reduce their personal exposure... this is beneficial for the general population and those with existing health conditions. Examples of successful implementation of health communication include air quality services such as <a href="http://www.airtext.info" title="Go to airTEXT website"><em>air</em>TEXT</a>.&rdquo;</p> <p><em>air</em>TEXT has provided a public air quality and health information service for London since 2007 and has recently expanded to Colchester and Chelmsford. It offers three-day air quality forecasts for O<sub>3</sub>, NO<sub>2</sub>, PM<sub>10</sub> and PM<sub>2.5</sub> at street-scale resolution using CERC&#39;s <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/urban" title="Go to ADMS-Urban page">ADMS-Urban</a> modelling system. People who sign up to the <em>air</em>TEXT pollution alerts receive free voice, email or text messages when air pollution is forecast to be moderate or higher. <em>air</em>TEXT is operated by <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk" title="Go to CERC homepage">CERC</a> in partnership with a consortium made up of representatives from all the member local authorities, the GLA, Public Health England and the Environment Agency.</p> <p>The full Defra briefing is available <a href="https://laqm.defra.gov.uk/assets/63091defraairqualityguide9web.pdf" title="Access document">online (.pdf, 7MB)</a>. For more information on <em>air</em>TEXT, ADMS-Urban or forecasting services please <a href="http://www.cerc.co.uk/contact" title="Go to Contact page">contact CERC</a>.</p> <br /><br /><img src="http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/assets/news/CERC20170407_airText.jpg" width="316" height="425"/> http://www.cerc.co.uk/about-us/news.php?newsitem=242#news242 Fri, 07 Apr 2017 00:00:00 GMT