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CERC develops and licenses world leading software for air pollution and complex flows:

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Air pollution modelling

ADMS—Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling System—models have been developed to make use of the most up-to-date understanding of the behaviour of the lower levels of the atmosphere in easy-to-use computer modelling systems for atmospheric emissions.

Modelling dispersion of industrial emissions for IED/EPR & EIA.

Managing air quality for urban planning and reviews.

Modelling road traffic and some industrial sources.

Managing air quality at airports.

Screening model for industrial emissions.

Regional-to-roadside air quality modelling

Nesting the ADMS local dispersion models in regional models allows predictions of pollutant concentrations that take into account both regional and local pollutant transport and chemistry effects.

Regional-to-roadside air quality modelling for urban areas

Accidental releases[top]

Modelling dense gas dispersion for accidental releases.

Modelling dense and passive releases in spatially varying meteorology.

Modelling short-term accidental radioactive releases.

Modelling spreading and vaporisation of a liquid spill.

Emissions management[top]

Managing local toxic emissions and greenhouse gases.

Flow over complex terrain[top]

Modelling airflow over terrain for forestry, wind power, building.

Managing model runs[top]

Controlling the priorities of ADMS runs over a network.

Air quality forecasting[top]

Air quality forecasting at the urban and local scale

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