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CERC have established partnerships in China, the Baltic states, France, Italy and the Netherlands. ADMS models and a variety of support and consultancy services are available directly from these companies.

If you would like additional contact details on any of our partners, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chinese flag

CERC China Co. Ltd, based in Beijing, represents CERC's interests in China.

Ms Ma Genhui at support@cercchina.com
Website www.cercchina.com/

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SIA Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian Environment (ELLE) is an international environmental consultancy company with offices in Riga in Latvia, Tallinn in Estonia and Vilnius in Lithuania.

Valts Vilnîtis at elle@environment.lv
Website www.environment.lv

French flag

Numtech is a French company with an office in Clermont Ferrand, providing services for the study of the atmospheric dispersion of emissions and the forecasting of air quality.

Catherine Molin at catherine.molin@numtech.fr
Website www.numtech.fr

Italian flag

RESEAUX S.r.l. is an Italian company with an office in Lecce, providing scientific and technical consulting services for air quality, sustainable development and public health protection.

Silvana Di Sabatino at info@reseaux.it
Website www.reseaux.it, phone +39 832 29 7115

Dutch flag

FlowMotion is an engineering and consultancy company based in Delft, the Netherlands, specialising in fluid dynamics for industrial applications.

Christian Potma at potma@flowmotion.nl
Website www.flowmotion.nl

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