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Advanced software for modelling dense gas dispersion

Model development and verification

GASTAR has participated in major validation exercises, such as those of Hanna et al.1 and SMEDIS2. The comparative exercise of Hanna et al. showed GASTAR to be one of the best performers for the standard data sets in flat terrain; while in SMEDIS the model was able to simulate successfully data sets from a wide range of experiments, most featuring one or more of the complex effects of slopes, obstacles and aerosols.

1 Hanna SR, Chang JC and Strimaitis DG,1993:Hazardous gas model evaluation with field observations.Atmos. Environ. 27A, 2265-2285.

2 Daish NC, Britter RE, Linden PF, Jagger SF and Carissimo B,1999:SMEDIS: Scientific Model Evaluation Techniques Applied to Dense Gas Dispersion Models in Complex Situations.Proc. of Int. Conference and Workshop on Modeling the Consequences of Accidental Releases of Hazardous Materials, 1999, San Francisco, CA, USA, pp. 345-371.

User support

GASTAR is supplied with an in-depth user guide (see the User guides page) that details all user inputs and outputs and includes description of other utilities such as the pool uptake model, the Flash calculator, the X-Y plotter and the flammables plotter.

An annual maintenance contract provides support for users; this includes:

  • maintenance model upgrades,
  • use of the helpdesk by e-mail, phone, fax or post.

A range of training courses are offered by CERC. Please browse our Training pages for more details.

If you would like any further information or to speak to one of our consultants about GASTAR, please contact us.

Current versions and system requirements

Current software versions and release dates are listed here.

System requirements and compatibility with third-party software are described on the System requirements page.

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